BONSAI is a MOBILE sales channel for

Bonsai is a fashion app for millennial men. Users engage with a curated collection of brands that use technology to play fast fashion and daily editorial content.

Redefining retail

Targeted millennial male audience

We’re not a department store where people wander around aimlessly. Our users shop Bonsai because they develop connections with the brands we carry.

Unique, editorial-driven retail experience

Users engage with rich and relevant content before they see products. We help you create culture, not just stock shelves.

Access to analytics

Brands receive monthly analytics reports that provide meaningful insight without the technical nonsense. Know whether your brown Oxfords will do better than your black Oxfords so you can invest strategically.

Real-time pricing control

Don’t set prices years in advance because of outdated industry practices. We let you reflect price changes in real time so you make the most out of your brand when it starts trending.

Active sales technology

Bonsai does more than staff a store. We use intelligent analytics to help you snag and retain customers. Our algorithms can even offer discounts to individual users using parameters you define. Bonsai automatically engages retention strategies until a user converts.

Accessible retail

We’ve built a platform that helps boutique brands scale and mega brands reach a curated audience. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, Bonsai is the retailer for you.