Monetize intent creation

For publishers

Be fairly compensated for the valuable intent you generate and regain control over the purchasing experience

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Grow your audience

For brands & merchants

Capture organic content exposure through content publishers with a commerce-driven strategy and access to millions of high-intent readers

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Easy purchasing experience

For shoppers

Checking out on a product that has been embedded in article means no more tab switching for readers - see it and buy it all in one flow

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A closer look at
embedded commerce

Our publishers thrive in an embedded commerce model that offers them best in class product catalog, improved conversion, and an end-to-end order processing infrastructure.

300 million content consumers / month

Enable product placements in front of the largest combined audience reach available in the market, made up of high-intent readers

6+ million products available to writers

Access our diverse merchant portfolio, that ranges from small, niche DTC brands, all the way to household enterprise retailers

25% higher AOV than affiliates

Improve order value and conversion while simultaneously accessing higher commissions compared to a traditional affiliate model

90+% customer satisfaction rate

Allow our expert customer service team ensure a smooth purchasing experience from the moment a reader first sees a shoppable product up until they’ve received their item

they   want,
the moment they want them.

Simplify the purchasing journey for your readers
by enabling checkout at the point of discovery

“ Bonsai has made a measurable positive difference in Surface Deep’s business with triple digit growth in months with key editorial coverage. And setup was easy with clear direction from the onboarding team. Highly recommend.

Carlos Timiraos
CEO, Surface Deep

“ Bonsai presents a direct channel to premium content publishers for our brand clients - allowing us to not only expand the reach of the brands we work with, but provide publisher audiences with new brands to explore, and be a part of innovation within the content commerce space. ”

Joshua Kennedy
Affiliate Strategist, Publisher Development @ OAK Digital, a Gen3 Company