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Bonsai is on a mission to enable checkout at the point of discovery. We want to help people find and buy the things they want, as soon as they realize they want them.

Life at Bonsai

We’re a group of people who are not only passionate about our mission and what we do, but we also hold many passions and talents outside of Bonsai - we’re entrepreneurs, salsa dancers, home chefs, parents, and so much more.

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Discover the Bonsai Values

Bonsai treats all our employees like owners. From how we manage responsibilities to how decisions are made across every level of the organization, we’ve created an environment where everyone has the authority, autonomy, and opportunity to create a big impact.

We share the responsibility of getting all the hard work done so we as an organization can achieve our big goals. When the team wins, we all win. If someone needs help with their work, we show up and support them.

We prioritize opportunities and ideas with the potential to create outsized impact. We make big bets with confidence and commit to accomplishing them with everything we have. We fail often, learn lots, and improve rapidly.

We bias towards action and don’t ask for permission. We know we’ll never have perfect information and we can’t wait for consensus on every decision, so we choose to move forward anyways and embrace the uncertainty.

Meet Our People

I love spontaneous trips, getting dressed up to try new restaurants and most of all my chihuahua, Winston.

My favourite things to do are tap dancing and mixing disco on my DDJ. I love that Bonsai exposes me to so many different kinds of people and the knowledge they possess. It’s never a dull moment!

Outside of Bonsai, I enjoy drawing with my toddler son and going out for walks with my wife, son and a dog.

Compulsive DIYer
Always looking for new projects, events to plan or baskets to bake.

A sneakers and music lover at heart - always curious about new brands and people that are having big impacts on pop culture. Catch me chatting with many of them on IG @pier.five!

Once upon a time there was a Belgian living in Canada who loved Bonsai, tortoises and playing golf.

and Beyond

In addition to working with some of the most talented and friendly people every day, we offer a wide range of benefits at Bonsai to keep our employees happy and healthy.

Comprehensive Health Coverage

Health, dental, and vision insurance covered at 100%. This package also includes extended health care provider coverage, overflow HCSA, and life and disability insurance.

Mental Health & Therapy

$1000/year for Psychologists/ Social Workers/ Clinical Counsellors/ Marriage and Family Therapists/ Psychoanalysts/ Psychotherapists, and an additional employee assistance program.

Physical Health & Fitness

$1000/year for personal training, gym memberships, workout equipment, meditation subscriptions, sports leagues, and more.

Learning & Development

$1000/year for conferences, courses, coaches, subscriptions and more. Whatever you need to help you grow your skills and level up your abilities.

Unlimited Time Off

Take time as you need it - unlimited vacation days, sick days, mental health days, and personal days.

WFH Equipment

$500/year work from home budget to build the best personalized, ergonomic, comfortable, and nice-looking workspace.

Social & Fun Environment

Monthly company socials (trivia nights, cooking classes, escape rooms, and more) and an additional $75/month social budget.

Stock Options

Bonsai’s success is your success - stock options are available for all full-time employees.

Remote First

Processes, documentation, and culture that are optimized for remote work so our team can live wherever they want.

Fully Optional Office

A charming office in Toronto for anyone who wants a mix of remote and in-person work.

Employee Testimonial

In 2018 I transitioned careers from Cancer Research to Software Development. Bonsai gave me my first opportunity and I never looked back. Between the growth opportunities, the people we work with, the culture that we build together and the balance that Bonsai allows both personally and professionally I've never been as engaged and fulfilled at work.

Kyle Dobby
Senior Engineering Manager

Since 2018

Employee Testimonial

One thing that is truly unique to Bonsai is the culture. I’ve never been more excited and engaged in company-wide meetings, these easily become the highlight of the week. It’s the friendly banter and the energy from the CEO to the newest hire - this isn’t something you can find at other companies.

Stephanie Zheng
Product Manager

Since 2021

Employee Testimonial

Bonsai offers me the flexibility and autonomy to do my best work. I’ve been able to express my interest in different areas/projects, and been given the support to see through initiatives that might typically fall outside my JD. This creates an infectious environment of ownership where everyone inspires everyone else to do their best work.

Fate Mohamedali
Customer Operations Associate

Since 2020

We see a future where anyone can buy and sell anything and anywhere they want. To achieve this, our team is taking on the challenge of creating something that has never existed before to change how commerce works for everyone.

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