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Connecting merchants with influential content
publishers & premium shopping platforms.

Bonsai’s commerce technology enables shoppers to transact instantly at the point of discovery

Frictionless shopping powered by our product catalog of industry-leading brands and products

Embedded commerce experience without any redirects or added steps



Universal cart functionality allows customers to build, save, and purchase their shopping cart throughout content sites across multiple product categories, brands and merchants

Content publisher & platform hosted carts improve customer engagement and increase AOV

Bonsai has the largest publisher network for onsite shopping, reaching 300M+ content consumers

Merchant Network Overview







The Bonsai Difference

Bonsai is leveraging its leading network of influential content publishers and premium shopping platforms to create sales and brand equity driving opportunities for merchant partners.

Bonsai’s team of experienced partnership and account managers offer best-in-class service to ensure that all merchant partners achieve the greatest level of success.

Bonsai makes a conscious effort to support small businesses and have diverse representation amongst its merchant network.
53% of merchants are female-owned. 32% of merchants are monitory owned. 85% of merchants are socially or environmentally conscious.

Bonsai is leading the charge of embedded commerce with the largest network of merchant partners, content publishers and shopping platforms on the internet.

We’ve partnered with some of the
world’s best publishers

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